Oregon Trust Deed Investments is a term used to describe the process of funding private loans secured by Oregon deeds of trust. A deed of trust is a three party legal instrument that conveys title of real property by the borrower(trustor) to a trustee who holds it as security for the lender or promissory note holder(the beneficiary) in case the borrower fails to make repayment of the loan or defaults according to the terms set forth in the promissory note. Simply put, an Oregon deed of Trust (also known as Oregon Trust Deed) is a security instrument used to pledge collateral to a lender in exchange for the receipt of a loan by a borrower.  This is typically required by the lender in case a borrower fails to repay a loan according to previously agreed upon terms. 

In the market place, Oregon Trust Deeds refer to the private funding of real estate loans and the investment in individual promissory notes secured by deeds of trust.  The information on this website is intended for individuals or companies who have experience in Oregon Trust Deed Investments, or who are familiar with real estate investing in general.

Who Should Consider Trust Deed Investments?

  • Retirees – A Safe Way To Secure Your Retirement!
  • Real Estate Investors – Real Estate Investing Without The Hassle!
  • Retirement Plan Holders -Tax Free/Deferred Income & Capital Gains!

Why Consider Trust Deed Investments?

  • Security – Trust deeds backed by California real estate.
  • Stability – Interest stays constant throughout the term of the loan.
  • Fixed Principle – Principal value of investment does NOT vary…unlike stocks & bonds.
  • Higher Liquidity – Short term loans typically written for sixty (60) months.
  • Higher Fixed Yield – Historically exceeding the Dow Jones average.
  • No Load Investment – There are no fees for investing.

We are receiving requests for loans on a daily basis.  We seek Oregon investors who are seeking opportunities to earn more monthly income while maintaining a secure, diversified portfolio. If you are interested in funding individual loans secured by Oregon Trust Deeds, please contact us directly.